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Welcome, Opening Keynote, and Overview of Conference

Working Session: Food - Feeding the World in 2050: An Introduction to the Drawdown Food Sector

Working Session: Land Use and Oceans—Protecting and Restoring Nature: Managing

Working Session: Women & Girls (Population)—Empowerment and Inclusivity: A Rights-based Solution to Global Warming

Lunchtime Speaker: Inspiring Change, Impacting Tomorrow: Empowering the Next Generation to Save Our Species

Working Session: Built Environment—Enhancing Building Performance for People and the Environment

Working Session: Electricity Generation—Transforming the Grid to Achieve Drawdown

Working Session: Materials & Waste—More with Less: Better Production, Reducing Consumption, and Using Waste to get to Drawdown

Working Session: Transportation—Mobility in a Drawdown World

Addressing Climate Change: Penn State’s Commitment to Impact

Working Session Report Out

Lightning Talks


Introduction to Systems Integration within the Drawdown Framework

Workshop 1: Introduction to Systems Integration within the Drawdown Framework

Workshop 2: Climate, Oceans, and Feedbacks: Integrating Natural Systems

Workshop 3: Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Workshop 4: Equity and Empowerment for Climate Solutions

Workshop 5: Food Systems — Solutions to Climate Change

Workshop 6: Environment and Infrastructure: Sensing for Sustainability

Workshop 7: Beyond Zero Emissions: Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration

Workshop 8: From Despair to Hope: Empowering Educators and Students through Drawdown

Tuesday Workshop Report Out

Communicating Critical Information in a Polarized Media Environment

Sharing Your Message: Effective Visual and Psychological Tips for Driving Change

Research to Action - Art and Science Performance - The World I Want to See


Case Studies from Around the World

Conference Reflections: System Transformations in a Climate Emergency 

Final Thoughts, Wrap up

Drawdown Scholars