Solve Climate By 2030: Solar Dominance + Citizen Action

This poster will discuss a climate education project sponsored by the Bard Center for Environmental Policy that, on April 8, 2020, will sponsor 52 simultaneous, university-hosted, state level webinars focused on the top 3 policy actions needed in each state to drive climate solutions. The project is called Solve Climate By 2030: Solar Dominance + Citizen Action, and is predicated on the idea that as a consequence of cheap and getting cheaper solar, storage and transportation as a service, the 2020's could see a rapid disruptive energy transition. The project highlights five of the drawdown solutions that have strong market tailwinds and disruptive potential: storage, distributed solar, autonomous EV's, ridesharing, and smartgrids. But it also emphasizes the need to pursue the other 100 through citizen action across the spectrum of climate solutions. The project is grounded in just-published paper by Goodstein and Hunter Lovins (2019) "A pathway to rapid global solar energy deployment? Exploring the solar dominance hypothesis" in Energy Research and Social Science (56). The project website is

Monday Poster Session
Eban Goodstein
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