Producing Pennsylvania-themed Podcasts for Project Drawdown

Podcasts have become popular as an educational tool in recent years, but there is still a lack of podcasts that focus on climate change, specifically ones that address efforts to reverse global warming in Pennsylvania. The goal of this project is to create a series of audio files that address the Project Drawdown solutions in Pennsylvania. In order to create the podcasts, various individuals from different academic institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations were identified and interviewed. The end result is ten podcasts, in which eight of them represent the eight Drawdown sectors and the remaining two will serve as the introduction and conclusion. The collection of podcasts will be published online on a website (, together with their corresponding transcripts and supplemental materials. The collection will be called “Drawing Down in Pennsylvania” and it will be shared on environmental/sustainability higher education listservs in the state as well as listservs in Pennsylvania for K-12 science and public libraries.

Monday Poster Session
Anna Nguyen
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