Ocean Current Turbines in Realistic Turbulence Environments

Understanding the effect of turbulent intensity (TI) is crucial in the wake models of Ocean Current Turbines (OCTs). The focus of this research is on generating the realistic data of spatial and temporal velocity with respect to coherence structure of inlet boundary conditions, and investigation the effect of these turbulence structures on wake profile to modify earlier a low-order analytical wake interaction model. These generated analytic data results from the power spectrum and coherence function feed to the simulation domain. In the simulation, Large Eddy Simulation (LES) will be extended to multiples turbines in a different arrangement, and Blade Element Momentum (BEM) model will be used to describe turbines to involving more details. We demonstrated modifying calculating transition point (gradient of velocity and TI along with streamwise direction are zero) and wake expansion factor between these region and flow structures improve the accuracy of predicting of power in downstream turbines. There is a good agreement from analytic and numerical results with experimental setups.

Tuesday Poster Session
Peyman Razi
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