Indiana Drawdown

Indiana Drawdown is inspired by Georgia Drawdown and others. It's grassroots and modeled after the opensource software movement. It values radical transparency and participation. Our main goal is to reduce Indiana's emissions 45% by 2030, as the IPCC says we must.

We've identified 200 entities already implementing Drawdown solutions in Indiana. Most don't know about Drawdown or how impactful their work is regarding climate change.

One example, reducing food waste is #3 on Drawdown's list. Indiana is actually leading the nation on this, but very few people know it:

Another example, Professor Schellnhuber -- climate advisor to the Pope, Angela Merkel, etc. -- claims we can get most of that 45% with building efficiencies. Drawdown identifies district heating and heat pumps as high leverage solutions. Very few people know that Ball State University has the nation's largest district heating geothermal heat pump system. It cut their emissions in half and saved them $3m/year:

We're releasing interviews with these folks as well as success stories more generally.

We're also analyzing Indiana's climate action community with Donella Meadow's systems framework. We've mapped 100+ climate actors so far (in addition to the 200 entities mentioned above):

Finally, Indiana Drawdown is more than a crowdsourced research project. It uses the same community organizing training (i.e. Momentum) the Sunrise Movement used to go from 8 participants to 100K+ in a year. This distributed community is accelerating the insights from Project Drawdown.

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