First experience with a Drawdown Scaling Challenge in the Netherlands

The solutions to reduce climate change are available as shown by Project Drawdown and for instance, the projects submitted for the annual Energy Globe. The question which remains: how to scale these solutions?
In the Netherlands, we have tried to bring enthusiastic and bright students together to discuss scaling a few transport solutions as mentioned by Project Drawdown. The approach we applied is to get students from different fields like; marketing, arts, law, psychology, entertainment, sociology, and economics, in one house for one week to come up with innovative scaling solutions. The group was fully catered and visited by professionals who have experience with scaling.
This approach was successfully implemented in the late ’50s to develop the ideas for the Delta Works in the Netherlands after a dramatic flood in1953. However in the approach in those days, they only “used” students, who studied civil engineering.

In the first week of April 2019 we implemented the first Drawdown Scaling Challenge.

Tuesday Poster Session
Marinus Augustijn
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