Energy Impacts of Improved Signal Transmission Systems Used in Autonomy

All devices signal fidelity, range and power consumption are linked to the quality of the transmitting and receiving antenna hardware. With advent of 5G, CubeSat constellations and increasingly autonomous machines, the architecture and impact on electrical grid/power choices are growing increasingly complex. Autonomous Cargo Ships, Logging Equipment, Farm Tractors, Trucks, Planes and Cars are now in use. The poster would show the power dependence and options for transmission signals and impact on choices of power supply and conservation. Mr. Spoonamore, a resident of State College, has repeatedly served as an Industry Expert/Judge for engineering and business awards at PSU while serving as CEO of a leading firm building power-saving, long-range antennas for Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Northrup Grumman, Boeing and Bombardier.

Tuesday Poster Session
Stephen Spoonamore
Fred Buzzell
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