Croton Tree – Is It the Answer to Africa’s Growing Demand for Cheap, Low-Carbon Energy?

Trees that produce oilseeds have the potential to improve rural livelihoods through the production of vegetable oil for energy and other purposes, as well as valuable co-products, such as animal feed and organic fertilizers. In Kenya, Croton megalocarpus (Croton) is a prolific and widely distributed tree with such potential being currently underutilized. In support of scaling up the promising Croton value chain in Kenya, a choice experiment was designed and conducted as part of a survey with 200 rural households in four counties in the Central region of the country. The objective was to assess household preferences in planting and cultivating Croton trees for collection and selling of seeds to a growing market. The results provide guidance for the development of a Croton value chain which can have positive impacts on rural livelihoods in East Africa.

Tuesday Poster Session
Michael Jacobson
Yau-Huo Shr
Floris Dalemans
Christine Magaju
Rodrigo Ciannella
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