Capacity for Li-Ion batteries in Solar Energy Distribution and Home Energy Storage

Renewable energy is becoming a more mainstream source of electricity that combats climate change with clean energy. Though many difficulties arise with implementation, the storage of such energy which would be essential still needs to be developed. Lithium ion batteries are a growing source of energy storage in homes. Consumer products such as the Tesla Powerwall are being marketed and sold to homeowners who are looking for increased resiliency to grid failures, energy independence, and cost savings from limits on net metering. Batteries are expensive, but are expected to decrease in the coming years, especially when their limited life is factored in. This project will research battery models that are currently being used, improve the aging prediction capability using literature degradation mechanisms, and provide a cost/benefit analysis for houses which use solar energy and Li ion batteries for storing the excess generated energy. These results may help to guide the future of the energy sector and provide better integration into society.

Monday Poster Session
Benjamin Pascal
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