Workshop 6: Environment and Infrastructure: Sensing for Sustainability

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Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State
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Associate Vice President for Research, Penn State
Titles and Affiliations
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Penn State

Sensors and control systems offer a wide range of opportunities to enable and enhance drawdown solutions. Coupled with renewable energy harvesting from distributed sources (vibration, temperature gradients, etc.) and wireless technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) can extend these systems to new frontiers. In manufacturing, infrastructure and industrial operations, IoT systems offer improved management and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure, less energy needed during use and, because of extended life, for manufacturing new equipment. In buildings, advanced sensor and control systems can offer anticipatory heating, cooling, and energy storage that responds in real-time to weather and grid capacity and offers occupant-based environmental control.  Similar advances can be realized in transportation, land use, and the food system. This session will include a particular focus on the health care system, which is nearly 1/5 of the US economy and offers many opportunities where climate solutions can also improve human health and quality of life.