Workshop 1: Drawdown Solution Model: sharing current state & co-designing the future state

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Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown
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Director, Drawdown Europe

The Drawdown Global Research Collaborative is a continuation of the outreach effort which began with the publication of the Drawdown book in 2017. Our aim is to democratize and extend this model and approach to collective impact far and wide. To achieve that, we are building a Platform and Data Commons to support a living climate solutions research ecosystem, hosted online and developed as open-source software. The goal is to make accessible tailored solutions on a regional level and produce results and recommendations that match the local environment and conditions. At the end of this session, you will be up to speed on the vision, plans and current state of the Drawdown Platform and Data Commons. After the opening presentation, we will facilitate dialogue amongst workshop participants in up to four key areas, seeking input and feedback on how to design the platform in the most valuable way for your specific needs.