Working Session: Food—Feeding the World in 2050: An Introduction to the Drawdown Food Sector (Option 1 of 3)

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Senior Fellow, World Resources Institute
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Associate Professor of Crop Production and Ecology, Penn State
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CEO and Co-Founder, 412 Food Rescue
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The conventional food value chain, including the production of farm inputs, production, processing, consumption, and waste disposal, currently contributes 25 to 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Project Drawdown’s Food Sector analysis includes both demand-side (plant-rich diet, food waste, etc.,) and supply-side (regenerative agriculture, silvopasture, etc.,) solutions that reduce emissions from farming, ranching, and land clearing, create more efficient supply chains and sequester significant amounts of carbon. These solutions also must ensure the availability of sufficient food for all people today, and for growing populations into the future. 

This session will include a panel discussion and presentations.

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