Arts and Science Performance: "The World I Want to See"

Date and Time

In The World I Want To See, a multi-generational group of performers led by Susan Russell, Penn State Laureate, interprets the science of drawdown through music, dance, and storytelling. 

Using the words of the students who spent the summer at Penn State as a part of the Drawdown Research Education for Undergraduates, The World I Want to See delivers these important messages straight from the young scholars.

Additionally, much of the sound used in the performance is the sonification of actual climate science data, which was provided by the late Mark Ballora.

Systems Integration is an intriguing way to think about art and science. Integration requires a connection, which is the foundation of artistry. Artists translate information into stories about human beings, and the action of storytelling creates a connection between the listener and the teller. The World I Want To See tells the stories of young scientists who will inherit the information defining this Drawdown Conference. Listen to their stories. Integrate them into your daily lives. Let these young scientists connect to you.  


  • Susan Russell
  • Ann Clements
  • Anne-Marie Hildebrandt
  • Kikora Franklin
  • Mark Ballora
  • Ken Friedhoff
  • Dominic M. Geleskie
  • Senorpe Asem-Hiablie
  • Chris Kiver
  • The PSU Concert Choir
  • Foxdale Village Chorus
  • Roots of Life Dance Ensemble