Conference Speakers

Research to Action: The Science of Drawdown will feature the following climate solutions leaders from around the globe.

Richard Adams
Office Director, Innovation, Partnering, and Outreach, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Roger Aines
Senior Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ryan Allard
Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown
Richard Alley
Evan Pugh University Professor of Geosciences, Penn State
Joel Anstrom
Senior Research Associate, Larson Transportation Institute, Penn State
Jay Arehart
Research Fellow, Project Drawdown
Senorpe Asem-Hiablie
Assistant Research Professor, Institutes of Energy and Environment, Penn State
Whitney Ashead
Drawdown Scholar, Penn State
Al-Thaddeus Avestruz
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan
Eric Barron
President, Penn State
Kevin Bayuk
Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown
Sachem Robert HawkStorm Bergin
Chief, Schaghticoke First Nations
Avit Bhowmik
Associate Professor, Department of Risk and Environmental Studies, Karlstad University
Jeffrey Bielicki
Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
Wayne Bowen
Recycling Program Manager, Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center
Grant Bromhal
National Energy Technology Laboratory, Predictive Geosciences Division
Peter Buckland
Academic Programs Manager, Sustainability Institute, Penn State
Ramon Bueno
Climate Change & Development Specialist
Zoraida Calle
Colombia Coordinator, Neotropics Program, Yale University
Crystal Chissell
Vice President Of Operations And Engagement, Project Drawdown
Rongming Chu
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Penn State
Dekila Chungyalpa
Director of the Loka Initiative, Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Angelica Ciranni
Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, Green Building Alliance
Aaron Claeys
Managing Partner, ECONCREED
Erica Cochran Hameen
Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Christopher Contos
Drawdown Scholar, Rowan University
Christine Costello
Assistant Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Missouri
Gilonne d'Origny
Board Member, Center for Progressive Reform
Sandrine Dixson-Declève
Co-President of the Club of Rome
Kirsten Dunlop
Chief Executive Officer, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Climate-KIC
Hanareia Ehau-Taumaunu
Doctoral Candidate, Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology, Penn State
Grant Ervin
Chief Resilience Officer, City of Pittsburgh
Emmeline Evans
Drawdown Scholar, Penn State
John Field
Research Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University
Gloria Flora
Director, Sustainable Obtainable Solutions
Jonathan Foley
Executive Director, Project Drawdown
Chris Forest
Professor of Climate Dynamics, Penn State
Chad Frischmann
Vice President and Research Director, Project Drawdown
Lewis Fulton
Director, STEPS (Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways), University of California, Davis
Cecilio Ortiz Garcia
Associate Professor of Social Sciences, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Dennis Garrity
Senior Fellow, World Resources Institute
Denton Gentry
Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown
Max Goodman
Drawdown Scholar, Columbia University
João Pedro Gouveia
Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown
Alisha Graves
President, Venture Strategies for Health and Development
Katharine Hayhoe
Professor, Texas Tech University
Shawn Hesse
Associate Director of Engagement, International Living Future Institute
Emily Holden
Environment Reporter, The Guardian US
Nick Jones
Executive Vice President and Provost, Penn State
Heather Karsten
Associate Professor of Crop Production and Ecology, Penn State
Sarah Kearney
Founder and Executive Director, PRIME Coalition
Mehdi Kiani
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State
Lenny Koh
Chair Professor in Operations Management, University of Sheffield
Andreas Kuhlmann
Chief Executive, Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena), German Energy Agency
Ryan Kushner
Author of "Accelerate This!"
Christina Kwauk
Fellow, Center for Universal Education, Brookings
Leah Lizarondo
CEO and Co-Founder, 412 Food Rescue
Brent Loken
Director of Science Translation, EAT Forum
Marla Perez Lugo
Professor of Social Sciences, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Amanda Lynch
Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies, Brown University
Lee Lynd
Paul E. and Joan H. Queneau Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Biology, Dartmouth College
Edward Maibach
Director of Center for Climate Change Communication, George Mason University
Mamta Mehra
Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown
Elvia Meléndez-Ackerman
Professor, University of Puerto Rico
Kathleen Mogelgaard
KAM Consulting, Principal
Autumn Moore
Drawdown Scholar, Columbia University
John Moorhead
Sarah Myhre
Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown
Tia Nelson
Managing Director, Climate, Outrider Foundation
Anna Nguyen
Drawdown Scholar, Penn State
Esther Obonyo
Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering, Penn State
Abderrahim Ouarghidi
Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State
Wei Peng
Assistant Professor, Penn State
Juliet Pinto
Associate Professor of Communications, Penn State
Tom Price
Director, Inyenyeri
Shashank Priya
Associate Vice President for Research, Penn State
Farshad Rajabipour
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Penn State
Clive Randall
Director, Materials Research Institute, Penn State
Tom Richard
Director, Institutes of Energy and the Environment, Penn State
AlexAnna Salmon
President, Igiugig Village Council
Alexis Santos
Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State
John Schwartz
Science Writer, The New York Times
Justin Schwartz
Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering, Penn State
Kate Scow
Professor of Soil Science, University of California, Davis
Paul Shrivastava
Chief Sustainability Officer, Director of Sustainability Institute, Penn State
Anna Siefken
Executive Director, Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, Carnegie Mellon University
Hannah Smith-Brubaker
Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture
Erica Smithwick
Professor of Geography, Penn State
Tom Smolinka
Head, Department Chemical Energy Storage, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
Chunshan Song
Distinguished Professor of Fuel Science, Penn State
Jennie Stephens
Director of School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs, Northeastern University
Roy Straver
Director, Drawdown Europe
Brian Thiede
Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology, Sociology, and Demography, Penn State
Eric Toensmeier
Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown
Elizabeth Traut
Assistant Research Professor, Penn State
Stephanie Tsopanidis
Drawdown Scholar, New York University
Freek van der Pluijm
Drawdown Europe
Veerle Vandeweerd
Co-Founder and Policy Director, The Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation Conference
Brian Von Herzen
Executive Director, Climate Foundation
Marilyn Waite
Program Officer, Environment, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Wendy Walsh
Higher Education Program Manager, FEMA
Mort Webster
Professor of Energy Engineering, Penn State
Jennifer Weeks
Environment and Energy Editor, The Conversation
Laura Weiland
Director, Omega Center for Sustainable Living
Leigh Winfrey
Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering, Penn State
Patrick Worms
Senior Science Policy Advisor, World Agroforestry Centre